NOTE: Rates are subject to change at any time. Rates under contract are not subject to change.

Front page display ads Ad banners on the front page are designed by us and are a maximum of 165 pixels wide. Rates are $50 per month per 100 pixels tall. An ad of 150x150, for example, runs $75 per month. A concurrent second ad is half price; i.e. two 150x150 ads for $112.50.
Feature stories We will write and illustrate a feature story on your company, crew, or product for $300. You provide the photos. Feature stories stay online as long as your ad does.
Ad Contracts With a six-month paid contract for an ad on the front page, you receive your choice of a free ad on one of our other pages or a 50 percent discount on a feature story.

With a 12-month paid contract, you get a free feature story.

Website Hosting We will host your website on our server. EMAIL us for details on disk space and cost. Ballpark: if your site is not huge or photo-intensive, hosting runs about $100 per month and includes regular maintenance.
Website Design Whether we host your site or someone else does, we can develop it for you. A small site with minimal features starts at $400. Ongoing maintenance is not included, but is available. Basic maintenance on your site hosted elsewhere starts at $75 and is available by the hour or by the month.

Classified Ads

Rates: Three lines, 30 days, 30 bucks. Each additional line is $5.00
Add your logo or a photo for an additional $30.00.

Six-month discount: Three lines with a six-month contract is $20 per month.


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