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arguing with a fire pilot is a lot like wrestling with a pig in the mud:  after a while you begin to think the pig likes it.


Historic photos from the Laos years from MacAlan Thompson:

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I took this photo probably in 1974 in Vientiane. Chuck Taylor the PIC, forget the co-pilot's name, and names of the crew. The "credit" to Jack Knotts is that Jack sent it to Ken Conboy, the author of WAR IN LAOS, 1954-1975, photo on the back cover. I took the photo when I got back to LP from Nam Bac, LS-203, forget what day, but probably May or June 1967. Lao T-28 mechanic on his motorcyle came down the hill and turned right into the the landing Baron, without checking for traffic. My note on the photos says: "After Eldon Walker ran into the Lao T-28 mechanic on a motorcycle."
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Dave Kouba, Porter - photographer unknown. That's me with my T-Bow canopy, plus two American friends, at a Christmas Day jump at Udorn RTAFB courtesy of an Air America Twin Pak S-58T.
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My photo, spring of 1967 up at Nam Bac. Air America H-34 fast taxied a bit too close to a parked RLAF C-47 and chopped off a bit of its nose. The RLAF PIC was NOT pleased! Vertical speed brake. RLAF T-28 pilot landed a tad too long on the runway and couldn't stop! Had help.
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My photo, late May or early June 1969 first day or two back on the PDJ, way down at the south end. Air America Caribou landed then turned around, found a soft spot for main gear, stuck for 2-3 days. This is a CASI Porter. Later CASI Porters had a built-in fuel pump up on the left side of the nose, handy. Air America's didn't have this. Have refueled Porters this way, didn't work real well on a windy day, especially if no funnel available. Photographer unknown.
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My photo. I forget the circumstances, but it was likely between 1967 and 1969. CASI Twin Pioneer with Air America (or RLAF?) H-34 in the background. Photographer unknown.
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A skydiving boogie in Vientiane, Laos April 2007, some of the Lao, Thai, foreign jumpers in front of the Lao Airforce MI-17 helicopter. Flown by Mission Aviation Fellowship [] in Laos for many years. Used to run into them at Ban Houei Sai, L-25, and at Sayabouri, L-23. Photographer unknown.
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This is me and my wife Sunee; these two photos were at a Thai Army party a couple years back; the Thai had up to 20,000 troops in Laos at the high point. We see Phil Dreith now and then, he's recently moved down by the beach, east of Uttapao, Rayong area. This is him and his wife Lek. The "half of a guy" is Les Strouse, former AirAm and CASI over here, '64-'75, also retired here.

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